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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Geomatich architechture

This is a geomantic architechture in Singapore. Around this architechture has 5 buildings, if we see from far, it is like a hand, and this pool means money. People who live and work in Singapore believe very much in the geomancy, they build this architechture to say that money in their hand, and the lucky will come to them. Inside this pool have 12 symbols of animals that represent for 12 ages count by moon calendar. And they say, if someone come here and go 3 cycle follow the way of clock they will get many lucky in that year.

Gentting Plateau Malaysia

This image is the first time I came to Malaysia, I used effect in the camera to make the picture more yellow, I want to make like a plateau that I had come before, and this is in my memory and now I come back and I remember the screen before.

Hot Line

This image is a symbol of hot line, when people need some help or refect some thing that didn't satisfy themselve. This can make sence for viewer.

Monday, December 04, 2006

In the early morning

I've never thought in HCM city can have a place like this, I took in a early morning, at Phu My Hung town.

Terry Fox Run

I took this in the Tery Fox last Sunday. I think people stayed at there just want to help people around them, they help everyone, they help each other. I admire them can do everything thay want and they can pass over any limitation of themselve.

The line of light

I saw an image with the lines of light from a train in the class, and after I tried to take a picture like that. However, I can't take the picture the same, because the speed of the motobike isn't like the speed with train, and the inmage above is my exhibit :D

Saigon Open City

I'm really don't understand about what is the concept they were talk about. Through the comment of some journalists, I think they had failed in that talking, because some idea didn't like and disagree with their opinion. They said that, they had three chapters for Saigon Open City, and the chapter 1 they want to show audience some image in history of Saigon, and I think that could be a reason for their licence didn't have agreement from goverment. However, I agree their exbihits were attracting to me, I saw some exbihits in their website, they recycle material to make decoration, and it make audiences like me suprise alot. I though there had something wrong or they didn't have support from Cultural imformation Service office. I will wait for the next chapter2.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

This is myself

Composition 2

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Composition 1

This is a poster for a classical concert, so I used formal arrangement to show solemn of this concert. The name of concert is put on the top to viewer easy to see, and I divided 4 group of information such as who will be author, where will be happen this concert, when will be happen, and if the audience want to know more information of concert, where will produce to them.

Saturday, November 04, 2006


This image has a name is Green Tear. The first time I see this picture, I think about the eyes was drew with sadnesses amass in the mind of author. The eye cried when was lieing. But I also think that this is a drop of water, it was dropping down. The dark point is like a limitation of something that the drop of water is passing over.

Symbols for holiday

This picture was took at shopping Center in ThaiLand. They decorated for 2 holidays, one is Tet holiday and one is Valentine. The left side, they decorated for Tet holiday and the right side was decorated for Valentine holiday.

Ads Glasses

What do you think about this image? I took it for long time

Friday, October 27, 2006

Welcome to My Blog

Hello everyone !!!
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